Living AngelI guess CETI is an unknown band for the most of you, since they're from Poland and most of their songs are in their native language. Well, I do like them, along with KAT, Turbo, Stos and Open fire they're one of my favourite Polish acts. 'Living Angel' is their double-live album with songs from their first album 'Czarna róża' till work from the latest album 'Shadow of the Angel'. Although I have a weak for their old work, the last albums are quite powerful too. 'Shadow of the Angel' even features Peter from Vader on one track. CETI is a quite big band in Poland, but rather small outside. Well, the album opens with a little prologue and starts with 'Treason' from the latest album, a nice song with a keyboard part which isn't really necessary, neither it?s annoying. Gregorz Kupczyk's vocals are as powerful as on the albums, and he knows how to capture the audience well. I have no idea where they're talking about in between the songs, but it sounds the audience is having a good time. The sound is good too, it?s a bit polished in the studio I guess, but there?s still a real live atmosphere on the two discs. Biggest highlight on these discs is the encore with the classic speed metal song 'Sztuczne Oddychanie' from their 'Exstasy' album with a great heavy riff and nice guitar leads. Yes, the musicians are all very skilled. The two golden (looks great) come with a nice booklet with a lot of pictures and a nice story. It really makes this worth your money. It's not only a decent live release, but also a kind of best-of album. So if you've never heard of CETI, this is an excellent release to start with.