Living Shadow Of The Angel CETI is by far one of the most interesting bands from Poland for me. Not the least because of their charismatic frontman Grzegorz Kupczyck, but their music is also of a very high standard. Of course you may hear some influences of bands like HELLOWEEN, EDGUY and IRON MAIDEN. Most of the time though, I hear a band that creates a good melodic metal sound of their own. The older songs are slightly progressive sometimes and the longer instrumental parts are really breathtaking. This DVD is the live registration of the double live CD “Living Angel” from 2004. In about hundred minutes, we see a fascinating live show of a band, that sounds like a well-oiled machine. It was also the very last gig of guitarplayer Przemek “Burza” Burzynski with CETI. The band is completed with Bartek Urbaniak on bass, Mucek on drums and female member Marihuana on keyboards and backing vocals. This lady is a very essential part of the band. Many songs are introduced by her keyboard playing and many times you can see her singing behind her set of boards. The band has a lot of contact with their audience and the whole show is very well filmed. There is an almost touchable good atmosphere, which is shown very well by means of the many shots of the audience. Towards the closing of the show, the crowd looks like one huge family get together. The show was filmed at the Eskulap in Poznan, Poland on February 15, 2004. The bonus features on this great DVD consist of a complete discography, a biography of each band member, some behind the scene footage, the live video clip of “I Know”, an interview with the band, a photo gallery and some bonus concert footage. VADER might be the most successful band from Poland, but CETI rules all the way for me and they prove that on this very nice DVD. Well done!!! Reviewed by: Toine van Poorten