Perfecto mundoCETi, one of the leading Polish heavy metal bands, finished recording their latest album entitled (...)perfecto mundo(...). It’s the twelfth album from the band lead by Grzegorz Kupczyk, a charismatic vocalist and frontman (also known from legendary Turbo or Esqarial&Kupczyk). The record is another step toward incorporating symphonic music into rock, but the band assures us they haven’t given up their own style, appreciated by their fans. Lyrics are in English and their main themes are life, love and passing. The album starts with an orchestral intro composed by Marihuana. There are more symphonic elements on (...)perfecto mundo(...), but fans can also find here typically heavy metal tunes. In addition, Greg’s outstanding vocals (often compared to Dio, Dickinson) and Marihuana's soprano vocalizations/choirs make this album obligatory for the fans of the genre!