Year: 2007
Publisher: OSKAR

Guest in vocals with Marihuana - song "Ride to Light" - Sylvie Kupczyk

1 (...) intra nos est.
2 Deja vu.
3 Gardens of Life 1.
4 Stolen Wind.
5 Paradise Lost.
6 Flight to the Other Side.
7 Ride to light.
8 For Those Who Aren't Here.
9 Gardens of Life 2.
10 Bonus track: Ride to Light - radio version.

Bonus: Studio footage & Photo & graphics gallery.
First 500pcs with surprise!!!

cello - Krystyna Bocz
horns - Andrzej Kubic i Moe Strubel (USA)
oboe - Sara Dotz (USA) In some parts of the choral and orchestral  - students of Frederick Chopin's Music School